One song from the coming Havenaire album is featured in this short film.


I am moving to a new studio space called Telefonstudion at Telefonplan in March. RIP The Fridge. But I will also keep Möre Studio for now.

Loud as Light is being mixed by Linus Larsson right now.

Hearts No Static is soon finished. The album will be mastered in a few weeks.

I will perform at Södra Teatern on January 28. The event is called Cross the Road, Molina and is a tribute to Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.).

Buy tickets here:


Linus Larsson is currently mixing the new Hearts No Static album. We’re hoping to have this released early 2013.

We are finished with the recordings for the new Loud As Light album as well. Linus will mix in a few weeks.

I’ve also started rehearsing for the upcoming The Grand Opening album.


I just got back from Karlskoga recording Loud as Light in the KM Studio. Overdubs and vocals will be recorded in Möre Studio soon.

The third The Late Call album will be released September 14th via Tapete Records. I recorded and co-produced it with Johannes. Here’s the first single:


I uploaded some songs I have recorded/produced. Check it out:

Links to Spotify and where to buy the music can be found on the discography page.



This is my new home on the web focusing on the music I write and record for myself and others.

In August I will be back with news about the recordings by Hearts No Static and Anna Ödlund. Will Gambola Sing will also record the second album.

I will produce, record and mix the second album from Loud as Light from Örebro.

Later this fall I will record the fourth The Grand Opening album and probably another Case Conrad album.